Friday, July 22, 2011

Days 20 and 21 - Happy Hour

Sleeping in, or rather, laying around all morning, was novel and welcome, but I got too stir crazy for it to be satisfying.  We decided to take the light rail downtown to hit some shops and see the sites.  It was eleven dollars for all day passes for the two of us.  The train was clean and relatively uncrowded, and nothing like the subway-esque mayhem that I expected.

Downtown Seattle looked just like downtown Minneapolis mixed with the Kansas City Plaza, but on a beautiful bay with a view of the mountains across the water.  We went to a bike shop and some outdoors gear stores and searched the touristy shops for a gift for my sister's gray cat, named Seattle, to no avail.

 I felt like skipping as we meandered the streets, I was so elated to be in a real city, but, just like every other big city that I have visited from Paris to New Orleans, once I've seen one, I may as well have seen them all.  I can't say that I did not take full advantage of the amenities of urban civilization, however, especially the luxury of happy hour prices!

We climbed a daunting flight of stairs that took us, painfully, to the top of one of Seattle's absurdly steep hills and went into some typical tourist trap of a restaurant/bar that looked like an antiques store had barfed on the walls.  The speakers rang over the noisy hub-bub, "Aaaaallisoon; you know this world is killing you. . ." and then one of Brenton's favorite Pixie's songs.  We ordered a pitcher of beer and were pleasantly surprised at the cheap happy hour price and the surprisingly good tasting beer that they brew right there.

The next stop was the real treat, sushi!  We were early for our reservation but were sat immediately anyway and discovered that it was happy hour here too, and that sushi rolls and drinks were all inexpensive until 7:00.  We feasted and took the light rail back to our room, content with a lovely and low-key day and full bellies.  We turned the TV on and played on the internet, where we found that Steep and Cheap, our favorite one deal at a time website that sells outdoors gear, was featuring the perfect sleeping bag for next to nothing.  We were planning on sending back some items anyway, and decided to stay in Seattle one more day in order to over night the new bag to the hotel and send my heavy one home.

The next day was a repeat of the day before with the exception of numerous phone calls being made concerning the sleeping bag that never came.  We had payed for an extra day at a hotel for nothing but another round of happy hour sushi, it would seem.  


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