Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 16 - Gut Bombs, Mountain Vistas, Back Into the Woods

I slept comfortably, but woke up every time that I rolled over and bumped my knee.  It hurt so badly that even brushing it against my other leg jolted me unwillingly from my sweet dreams and even twisted my dreams into visions of broken legs.  Another bright morning sun woke me up a little too early, and we got on the road.

Brunch was at a place called Tom, Dick, and Harry's Fabulous Burgers and Fries, a 50's themed cafe.  This gut bomb did not sit well, but what did I expect when I decided to order a garlic cheese burger and chili-cheese fries.  Brenton asked what was in the Buffalo basket and the lady at the counter in her biker-flamed uniform shirt replied "Its a buffalo burger."  He ordered it, and when the disgustingly enormous platter arrived he said, astonished, "Oh its buffalo meat!"  He thought it was going to be a spicy, buffalo sauced, burger.  I am still smirking over that one.

The sky was hazy all day and our ride was short and easy, although it was all up hill.  Despite the cloudy weather, it was a hot a sweaty endeavor, and we both felt rather ill at our arrival with tummy's still full of undigested, and probably indigestible, greasy food after a few hours of healthy exercise.

We decided to get groceries to make salads and ate a feast of mounds of spinach topped with feta cheese and kalamata olives.  We got a loaf of dense Greek bread and some fresh Washington cherries, which we had been craving since riding passed so many orchards.  We decided to take the night off from going out and about town, although we have heard such good things about Leavenworth.  We wanted to take the night off to get rested up for the potentially beastly day tomorrow.

We are sitting around a campfire cooking corn on the cob in the husk.  Our campsite is a nice little spot that would feel secluded if it weren't for the constant sound of traffic from highway 2.  The gray sky spat at us a little bit for about fifteen minutes and then lazily subsided.  I wonder if it will rain overnight.    



  1. Really enjoying your posts. You are quite the writer. The pictures are very beautiful. I can't say that I wish I was on the trip. Not sure my body could handle the trauma!!! Hope you guys are having a great time, and will see you when you get back to lovely Lincoln. Jim K.

  2. Thanks Jim! I'm excited that your reading it!