About This Blog


To share our adventures in the experiment that our lives have become with anyone who cares to think about the way that we all live our lives and utilize our surroundings as individuals in a web of daily routines and choices.

When I refer to our lives as an "experiment," I mean that Brenton and I are taking baby steps to better ourselves by bettering the place in which we live.  This may mean helping Lincoln, Nebraska, (Nebraska being "The Good Life," as the state motto declares), by buying locally, or by our most recent endeavor, refusing to buy any food packaged in plastics.

The experiment has yielded many successes and failures and is forever revealing our shortcomings and hypocrisies.  Although by discussing the morals that we find to be the most important factors in our daily lives, we realize that we are opening ourselves to evaluation and possibly criticism.  We understand that not everyone shares our values and priorities, and so we maintain as part of our goal to refrain from the evaluation and criticism of all of the other people with which we share our home.