Thursday, May 19, 2011


The purchase of a couple of Rhode Island Reds via Craigslist began our first attempt at keeping chickens.  The endeavor ended a couple of nights ago when we found them dead in their coop.  We aren't sure if it was a coon, cat, possum, or some other critter that got to them.

I really enjoyed the two 5 month old Rhode Islands that we named Tortilla and Tortellini, (because we said we would prepare them as such when the time came to eat them).  As much as I convinced myself that they were not pets, I was stilled disheartened at losing them beyond the fact that they never really earned their keep in eggs due to their short stay.  After buying the pair, constructing a coop, and feeding them, they really needed to lay for a couple of years to make them cost efficient.

They did, however, lay almost an egg a day each throughout the time that I had them.  They laid brown to light tan, sometimes speckled, large eggs.  They were delicious and fresh and I really enjoyed the eggs almost as much as I enjoyed watching the ladies follow me around the yard and peck at anything and everything.

I'm not sure if I will replace them or not.  If I do, it will certainly not be until mid August when we return from our bike tour (more on that later).  I guess if anything good came out of the unfortunate deaths of the Tort sisters, it is that no one has to come over for the month and a half that we are gone and feed them.  Maybe I will try bee keeping instead next!  (I recently went to see Queen of The Sun, a documentary featuring Micheal Pollan, about colony collapse in honey bees.  I'm feeling inspired!)

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