Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where We've Been and Where We're Going: From the Garden to the Globe

It all started with music.  Because of our mutual interest in music we met each other; and then we met other like-minded, passionate, and hopelessly irresponsible college drop-outs.  The counterculture!

Of course, I like to think that we have evolved as thinkers since our millennial hippy revival days.  Though this scene may have sparked our deep desire to engross ourselves in a different way of life, it has only been since we have pursued a more responsible and constructive path that we have truly rooted ourselves in the values that we once threw around as the audible aspect of a persona.

Our progression began with picking up hobbies of the outdoorsy variety.  Once we realized that we both really loved anything that involved being outdoors, we began to pile on hobbies the way the cat lady can't resist the kitten around the corner.  Kayaking, hiking, boating, wakeboarding, snowboarding, climbing; and the two that have revolutionized our lives, gardening and bicycling.

The garden and the bike.  Words do not have the inherent substance to describe how it makes me feel to be able to simply exist in and of myself; that is, to need nothing besides what I can provide for myself.  The realization that my food and my transportation are right in my backyard, are free, and are better for me than everything that I have been spending so much money on for so long, now seems like an epiphany, but in reality I needed a little convincing.  Brenton has led by example and has shown me that no matter what the weather or where the destination, you can make it on your bike.

I could regale a reader with garden-isms, but gardening, as well as biking, truly deserves its own post.  As does my next topic; food.

I will not indulge my appetite for food rants as of yet, so here's the skinny; we buy no food packaged in plastic, we try to buy locally and from small businesses, and we buy extremely frugally.  Reducing wastefulness is a very important part of our eating habits and has had huge impacts in all aspects of our lives.  We recycle and compost, and the latest adventure has been acquiring a pair of laying hens for eggs.

So much for a brief summary!  This prologue was intended to give a taste of what I will be blogging about in future posts.  Topics to come: gardening, biking, chickens, and the food taboo!

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